Granary Arnoštov - rental




Behind nine forests, two streams and three meadows…

begins Zadní Arnoštov.


People go here barefoot all day.

They sway in nets hung between apple trees and currants.

They let their children pet the cows.

They point to constellations they have not seen in cities for a long time.

They listen to the bees buzzing.

Time flows differently here.




Beautiful granary. 4 bedrooms. 5 bathrooms.

1 common area with a panoramic window to the sky.

The kitchen where the chickens make themselves golden.

Up to 8 friends who have been looking forward to each other for a long time.

A few days they will be happy to remember.


Come to a place where nothing will distract you from yourself. Be together where you can barely catch a signal. There is no need for anything here.

..just cool ...

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Sýpka Arnoštov
Zadní Arnoštov 73
Jevíčko 569 43